Posted by: Moira Drexler | September 19, 2011

WIR SIND ERLANGEN – gelebte Integration. (WE ARE ERLANGEN – Living Integration.

Erlangen  in Germany has a total of 120 different nationalities living in harmony . Hard to believe in such a small town but it is true.  On 21st of September, 2011, there will be a lecture and discussion with the theme of living integration.  A French lady called Rachel Gillio will be featured and interviewed and so will I.

The book ‘Wir sind Erlangen’ was published about one year ago both in German and English.  It presents 30 portraits of people who work and live in Erlangen, who are actually not from Erlangen.  Most of the people in the book are from abroad like myself and some are Germans who are from other parts of Germany other than Erlangen.

Time:  7pm to 9pm

at the Franconian International School, Marie-Curie,Str. 2, 91052, conference room, 1st floor.  This has been organised by the city of Erlangen and the Franconian International School and I look forward to the evening.

Entrance to this is free.

All welcome.



  1. Erlangen is a beautiful town. Having suchh a mix of nationalities makes life interesting.

  2. It sure does!

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