Expat Living In Germany: Curiosities And Anecdotes.

Now first a word of warning.  This page is supposed to be funny and in no way is it intended to hurt the feelings of the reader……It is about the things I find funny (and not funny) about living  here in Germany……………..reader beware.  I am always happy to receive comments.  Hint, hint.

Everyone loves receiving flowers , right?  But the German florists have a strange way about presenting the flowers.  Not always of course, I am not here to generalize but often when you receive a bouquet of flowers, it will be covered in WIRE!  Yes, wire.  The Germans love it.  Just take a look :

Check out the wire on these pretty flowers.

Flower decorated with wire..........

This is funny if you are English speaking:

Friends of mine had international guests staying with them and they asked what all the Spark Arse signs were!  They were referring to the Sparkasse Bank here, pronounced Shpar-kas-se not Sparkarse!

Not Spark Arse!!!!! It is the bank!

Another strange thing for me to get into my head is the meaning of NOTAUSGANG:  I always automatically translate it to meaning NO EXIT but it means EMERGENCY EXIT which is something you should know about.  You don’t have time to muck around with not knowing correct German in an emergency.

I will keep adding to this page as I think of the curiosities……………



  1. Yes always a good idea to know emergency signs and words…every culture seems weird when you are an alien in that country..good post..ELiza Keating

    • Thanks for your comment, I must add more to that page because I have some really funny ones! You are right. When we step out of our comfort zone and enter a new culture……..there are many things to misinterpret….and to giggle about.

  2. Hi Moira, hope the new shop location is working out well. Beer Festival soon I see. Sorry unable to see you before departure as clashed with your move. Since return to Australia is has been work, work, work as might be expected after a month away. Looking forward to the next trip. Best wishes. Jill (Liam’s mum).

    • Dear Jill, I was so sad not to have seen you but it was a crazy time for me when you were here. The move went really well and it was the best thing for Australiss to do. I have also just finished the Australia Festival which was on Friday night. It was great to meet you. If you subscribe to the blog you might feel not so far away from Erlangen. Liam and Frankie are just great and I am blessed to have met them here. Take care, drop me a line from time to time.

  3. Hi Moira, just found your site. I am an Aussie living way up in the north. would love to be in touch. I miss the sense of humour and way of looking at life more than anything else…..well, and the beach, and a hot summer, and seafood…anyway. If you are interested, drop me a line.

    • Great that you found the site! Yes, I will be in touch!

  4. Sparkasse is a favourite – and ausfart.

    • What about the German word Extrafahrt….sounds like another bout of flatulence coming on……but it means an extra ride!

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