Posted by: Moira Drexler | September 10, 2011

CARTA DI MUSICA…..with love from Sardinia, Italy.

While we were in Sardinia, we tested out the local bread and all around the island, it tasted different but the best we had, was on the east coast served warm, slightly brushed with extra virgin olive oil.

Carta di Musica in English means sheet music.  Now you will see why….

Carta di Musica, Sardinian bread.............

It is salty and light, we just loved it.  Don’t forget to try this if you go to Sardinia!



  1. I will definitely be sinking my fangs into this when I get to Sardinia. The name alone is worth a bite.

  2. It is paper thin and just divine! It tastes different in different places but it is Sardinia’s local bread!

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