About Australiss


Australiss showroom


Australiss opened on the 21st of September, 2007 in the University town of Erlangen, Germany.  It is a shop  and gallery in the Altstadt (old city) situated at Martin-Luther-Platz 5 in a baroque building opposite the Erlangen Museum.  Australiss presents a wonderful array of unique, exquisitely hand made jewellery from all parts of the world.  It also boasts a selection of Australian gourmet products.  Handmade quality gift ideas for all occasions.  I am an antique dealer specialising in Antique Jewellery and Antique Silver and also own a shop in the heritage listed Brisbane Arcade in Brisbane, Australia.


Serving Australian Trifle at 2010 Australia Festival held at Australiss



Exquisite, unique jewellery on offer at Australiss


Hanging from this magnicent driftwood are jewellery items made from Tagua Nut.  The nut grows in South America and is light and sturdy.  It is not edible and the nut is dried out for two months, then cut and dyed.  It is comfortable to wear and affordable.  The colours are vibrant and I find the people who come to the shop fall instantly in love with the wonderful designs.

Anna modelling our Tagua Nut necklace


  1. dear Moira, congratulation to your blog and the
    order of Helens ring- looking forward to come soon again in your shop- thanks a lot and have a lovely sunny day

    • Thank you Sybille. Your earrings will be ready at the end of next week by the way! Hugs, Moira

  2. G’day there,

    just stumbled across your website looking to show a friend pics of the Bergkirchweih. I spent many happy times in Erlangen in the mid ’90s, including a year at uni. Stumbled across the odd Australian and at the end of my time a tacky bar (Downunder Bar or something) opened up, but otherwise met few compatriots.

    I have now been living for quite a few years in another small town, this time in the top end of the NT – quite different from Europe! Thanks for the blog, a nice little reminder of happy days,


    • Thanks for your lovely comments Rob. I am delighted to hear that someone reads the blog and enjoys the posts. The Erlangen Bergkirchweih is so special and we will have guests from Melbourne visiting this year. I haven’t been to the Northern Territory for a long time. It is so nice to hear that my post brought back some memories for you.

  3. Hilarious! I found the same thing, it was amazing! By the end of my time I spoke fluent German (was at uni), so for me too it wasn’t a linguistic issue. The other thing which I couldn’t handle sometimes was how pedantic many people got; trying to find fares for my brother to visit from the Netherlands, this bloke looked at me like an alien when I asked for the approximate price at an approximate time – he couldn’t (and wouldn’t) even begin to give me an estimate without an exact date and time. I hate obsequious north American customer service even more, but the who the f*ck do you think you are I’m trained in this field you’re just a customer attitude is pretty flabbergasting.

    • You have made me double up laughing! You got my drift alright and it is great to think you find what I wrote was hilarious! Thanks again for such a great comment!

  4. Hello from Melbourne Florida,I must tell you that a former friend of mine just graduated from Erlangen University, and that I had no idea that you had this wonderful Erlangen beer festival every year.I have been to Europe several times, and if I knew about this Festival,I certainly would have visited.

    Gene Brady

    • I am from Melbourne, Australia! The Erlangen Beer Festival is the second biggest in Germany and the nicest because it is outside under the beautiful old chestnut trees. The atmosphere is really lovely and even for me, not being a beer drinker, there is a lot to see and it is great to see everyone so happy! Thanks for your comment!

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