Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 31, 2011

Reifen Und Autoservice Krautwurst Erlangen Hast Radkappen Gespendet.

Vielen, Vielen dank Herr Kaden von Reifen und Autoservice Krautwurst in Erlangen.  Die haben mir elf Radkappen für ‘Ich KANN’ Kreative Fest in Erlangen gegeben. A big thank you to the car service and car tyre firm called Krautwurst (Yes, I know, to all those non Germans out there the name sounds like a gourmet sausage one can throw on the Barbie (Australian slang for BBQ).  Seriously, they were able to give me 11 hubcaps that can be no longer used and actually would have been thrown away. Recycle is the go.

Danke Reifen Krautwurst

I hope these students grab the idea with enthusiasm.  Who will win first prize? Thanks to the person who dropped off a Mercedes hubcap to Australiss.  Thanks to Ben from Kreative Kids in Nürnberg who also has a couple up his sleeve to donate. I am slowly running out of room in the attic so I hope my husband remains cool.  My kind neighbour offered his empty garage to store hubcaps for the Creative Festival.  Isn’t it kind?

Lots of hubcaps waiting for 'ich KANN' in Erlangen.

Goodbye, wheeling off from the Erlangen Hubcap Queen!  (I know , it all sounds off the dish, but hey, the children are going to have fun, we get to raise money for  FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY, ERLANGEN and more importantly, we are cleaning up the rubbish all around.  I have even found them in the trees where they have landed.  One also on a high concrete ledge in Marloffstein where it had flicked up and landed.  It lay there for a week because I thought its owner would be re-united with it.  Not so!  Oh well, it is all going to a good cause. So all you people out there in Erlangen, Nürnberg area.  Don’t be embarrassed to go and pick up that hubcap.  Think of how you are helping the environment.

Signing off from the Hubcap Queen.

Another couple to add to the art project.


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