Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 31, 2011

Erlangen EXPAT Relocation Services To Get YOU or YOUR EMPLOYEE Settled Quick Smart.

Are you moving to Erlangen, contemplating moving to Erlangen or are already in Erlangen and need ASSISTANCE? Or are you an employer needing to find a RELIABLE relocation agency to work together with your company?

The best assistance to get you or your employee  settled quickly and efficiently is from startsmart in Erlangen.

Being a foreigner here myself, I know how difficult things can be in a new environment. The ladies from Startsmart are local and know the area extremely well, have many contacts but most of all offer a very professional yet friendly service.

They will help you find a place to live, a school to send the children and help you with all the tricky paperwork here which sometimes is rather daunting.  And when it is time to go home, they will make sure you also have a smooth departure.

If you are looking for a relocation service in Erlangen, these are the people I can highly recommend.

Erlangen's City Library

A little place to buy Lebkuchen in Erlangen.



  1. Hi, I am a newly arrived canadian expat working with Adidas in Herzogenaurach. I’d like to inquire your service regarding assistance in finding a suitable accommodation for 6 to 12 months.



    • Thanks for making contact. The ladies from Startsmart, Erlangen will be in touch via e-mail.

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