Posted by: Moira Drexler | October 18, 2010

Pink Sapphires…more affordable than pink diamonds.

Pink sapphires are a great gemstone.  They are a really sturdy stone so you can wear it without the fear that it is going to crack if accidentally knocked.  Pink Sapphires are mined in different parts of the world but the ones that we sell from Australiss and Kellies Antiques are Australian. (Pink sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar and North America.


Australian pink sapphire and diamond ring for sale at Australiss


All sapphires belong to the Corundum family and on the Moh’s scale for hardness, they are classified at 9 therefore very durable.  They are bright and the deeper the colour, the more expensive and of course, the higher price per carat denotes higher quality.


Pink sapphire, diamond and Tahitian Pearl ring for sale at Australiss


I think the colour is beautiful and they are certainly much more affordable stone in comparison to a pink diamond.


Pink sapphire and diamond ring at Australiss


So, if you want to be in the pink , take a look at Australiss and Kellies Antiques Brisbane.  We always have pink sapphires in stock.



  1. I wouldn’t mind if one of those pink sapphires fell onto my finger.

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