Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 31, 2012

Blackadder’s Baldrick in Brisbane…..

Unexpectedly, I want to go home.  Australia home.  Hubby says, ‘You are home!’  I retort, ‘Germany is where I live, Australia is home.’

Book flight, jump on a plane, land in sunny, hot Brisbane with the mangoes falling on the ground.

Just prior to exiting Erlangen, I tell my husband it is time to introduce him to Blackadder.  I promise to purchase the entire collection.

Only one day into work at Kellies Antiques, my other shop in the Brisbane Arcade and who should I bump into?

Tony Robinson and Moira Drexler pictured in the Brisbane Arcade.

Speak of the devil.  What are the chances?

I tell him that my children love his travel documentaries and of course, we all loved him as Baldrick!  Tony was so approachable, such a nice man.  He didn’t mind that we snapped off a shot for the kids.  He laughed his head off when I told him that I had just promised the husband to introduce him to  the Blackadder Collection.

What did I do after we parted?  Made sure I got that collection I promised from the ABC Bookshop.

Thanks for being such an approachable guy and having a chat.  It certainly made my day.



  1. What fun!

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