Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 26, 2012

Australia Day in Germany.

Well, I started the day with decorating yet another of my Australia cakes…..just have to get my money’s worth for the cake tin……….dropped it off to the Franconian International School and greeted fellow cobbers! Lovely.

The biggest surprise though was a visit to Australiss by Cynthia who very kindly wanted to surprise me with a bunch of fresh wattle!

Wattle in the dead of Winter in Germany.........

You beautie Mate.  What an Aussie thing to do.  I was gobsmacked.  On ya Cynthia Luv! Thanks so much for your kindness.  It really gave me a boost!

So to all those Aussies abroad, Happy Australia Day!

To all the Aussies at home basking in the sun, Happy Australia Day!



  1. We are basking in the rain!! My Australia Day post got Freshly Pressed!!

  2. Moira…Australia Day started out well….unfortunately not a good look for Canberra though…riots et al! Anyway, will be in Berlin in September and looking forward to exploring this beautiful city. P.S. Kellies is such a fab shop………have loved your antique jewellery for years!

    • Thanks for your kind words and comments. Berlin is a great city and there is a wonderful antiques market on there that you should enquire about.

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