Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 1, 2012

There’s a duck in the oven…….

Pluck a duck!

Wash it, Dry it.

Rub Sea salt into it.

Whack it in the oven……the slow combustion wood oven……170 degrees although hard to stick to this when cooking with wood…….

Make a Cherry sauce with cloves, port, balsamico and cherries.

Ta Da!  I will be making this again……

Roast Duck with Cherry Sauce......

Happy New Year everybody!



  1. I’ll come and eat it for you!

    • This is so siple but so delicious!

  2. Sounds divine – will give it a go

    • Place the duck on a rack in the roasting pan and only rub in sea salt. Let all the fat drain out of it. It is so easy peasy and divine…….nice to hear from you Liz and I do hope you are well. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi There Moira Drexler,
    Interesting Thoughts, I heard that Duck is very good. I’m going to put it in the oven but dont know for how long and at what temp. Any good ideas for side dishes too would help. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your query. For a two kilogram duck allow about two and a half hours or until the duck is browned and tender. I cooked mine longer because I roasted this in a wood oven. The cherry sauce recipe……450g fresh cherries pitted and halved. one tablespoon light soy sauce, half a cup of tawny port, frahly ground black pepper, twomtablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar and about half a cup of water. mAll ingredients in a saucepan and simmer 20 minutes. I also made roast potatoes and a lamb”s lettuce salad.

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