Posted by: Moira Drexler | July 26, 2011

TIMMELSJOCH ALPINE PASS PHOTOS – Experience the exceptional.

Driving from Austria to Italy by autobahn is usually quick but it does nothing for the senses.  Driving through the Alps through TIMMELSJOCH ALPINE PASS is something for the senses.  Yes, it takes longer but if you take time away from the phones and computers and experience this pass that was once just a dirt track for donkeys……….your senses will come alive and you will definitely enjoy the experience.  Not only are the views of the Alps sensational, (you cannot even compare this with a bitumen, hot and ugly autobahn!) there are a series of sculptures and actually museums in themselves, that are breathtaking, fitting to the landscape and give another perspective of this lovely Alpine Pass.  Take the journey with me……..

There are a total of five architectural sculptures delicately and magically placed high up, usually on the edge of the high Alps.

The initial one was at the tollgate entering the pass and that was named, ‘Walkway.’

Here are some photos of ‘Telescope’ which was breathtaking for the 180 degrees views.  The structure actually worked as a huge telescope that focussed your view to two high peaks, Granatkogal and Hohe First both around 3,400 metres high which tend to stick out from the impressive glacial ice.

Impressive 'Telescope' at Timmelsjoch, Austria.

Outside the telescope.

Step inside the Telescope at Timmelsjoch, Austria.

Stunning views at Timmelsjoch Alpine Pass-

Getting together with nature at Timmelsjoch.

Another way of looking at it..... Timmelsjoch.

And finally, this was high up and a cloud was leisurely floating by so the photo is a bit ‘cloudy’…..

Photo taken from under but check out how it just sticks out with views to the mountains......

This last photo is of the Pass Museum which is situated on the north Tyrolean side (Alto Adige for the Italians out there)  The internal part is the ‘ice cave’ which is dedicated to the original pioneers of this amazing alpine road.

Believe me, take the time out and drive to Italy via this pass if you have the time.  It was spectacular and there are so many stories that come with each structure.

Safe travels!



  1. So cool!

    • Thanks! It really is worth the drive!

  2. Wow! We’ll be going that way next time.

    • This is a stunning way to enter into Italy. It was really breathtaking. The best sculpture was ‘The Smugglers’ but I didn’t get a photo of it this time!

  3. I like your new layout.

  4. Thanks so much. Thought it was time to experiment. By the way, I love your little photo of Bagni on the comments!

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