Posted by: Moira Drexler | July 25, 2011

Cadel Evans wins Tour de France 2011 – Congratulations from all Australians Abroad.

Well, how is it?  The first Australian to ever win the ‘Tour de France.’  Not only was I so excited along with 22,000,000 other Australians and who knows how many others were hoping he would win……..but to know that he lives in my home town of Geelong…….

I hope the locals give him a majestic welcome home……….must be all that training along the spectacular Great Ocean Road!  ( I dream of that coastline when I am ‘spinning!’ (Ha ha!)

Super stuff Cadel.  You are our local hero and national hero.  We are all so proud that an Australian has won the race for the very first time!!!

Geelong, Cunningham Pier.

Watching you win was sensational!  The Aussies back home will be going out of their brains with excitement………especially the Geelong people and the sleepy sweet town of Barwon Heads will never be the same.


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