Posted by: Moira Drexler | June 15, 2011

DER BERG RUFT! Beer, Bier and more Beer!

Lads in is getting very popular to get dressed in traditional costume for the festival.

If you haven’t visited the Erlanger Bergkirchweih 2011, then here are some photos to keep you in the picture.

The cellars go for hundreds of metres into the side of the hill and keeps the beer at the right temperature. The Erlanger Bergkirchweih receives about one million visitors over the 10 days in Erlangen, Germany!

No German beer festival is correct without an oompa band........nice to hear in the morning but by nightfall, it is time for rock and pop and singing, and dancing on the tables mind you!

Hansel and Gretel flew in from Australia.......

The lads and the lasses are getting into the spirit of the beer festival.

Ox on the spit is a tradition here each year and at the end of the beer festival, they announce how many oxen have been cooked and eaten! They always have a name by the way and the one I tasted was Markus.

The Watier gets ready to serve the spit roasted ox which is served with gravy and a potato dumpling.

Just some of the crowd. There are permanent tables and benches under the old trees to seat 11,000 people permanently.

This is the traditional Bavarian shoe......even I have a pair this year......very comfortable and look great with Lederhosen.

It is absolutely amazing how the waitressing staff are able to carry so many beer steins as they are heavy. To be honest, I can hardly lift this beer stein even when it is empty.....that is how heavy they are. How do these women carry them?

Working hard at Erich Kellar in Erlangen. The atmosphere is happy!

Gingerbread Hearts to go around your neck and deliver a message to a friend.  They are cute and kitsch at the same time and no beer festival would be without these traditional things either.

Gingerbread hearts to go around the neck and deliver a message to the person you buy it for. Kitsch and cute at the same time.

And lastly, a view as the giant ferris wheel spins off. This is what some of the festival looks like from above.



  1. These pictures make me homesick. I wish I was there!
    Thanks for posting this, I have to show the post to my friends. ­čÖé

    • The Berg as you know is such an international event. There are people from all over the world visiting and the atmosphere is wonderful as you know. Sorry to make you homesick. How about a visit next year?

  2. It looks like great fun. I have just one problem, I don’t like beer.

    • I don’t drink beer…..except for at this festival. I have a radler which is beer mixed with lemonade and it is really nice. You could always have a wine…..but when in Rome….you know how the saying goes………

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