Posted by: Moira Drexler | June 10, 2011

Erlangen Dames in Dirndls!

Outside Australiss in the Friedrichstrasse, on the way to the Berg.......cute heh?

Opening night of the Erlangen Bergkirchweih.

These lovely ladies of Erlangen very kindly obliged when I asked if I could snap off a photo.  They were on their way to the opening of the beer festival here in Erlangen.  Erlangen receives about one million visitors during the Erlanger Bergkirchweih which is an incredible amount for a town with about 100,000 population.

Today in Australiss, I wore a dirndl which I have made a bit of a tradition.  The customers get a kick out of seeing an Australian pretending to play the part of a Bavarian.  When in Rome, do what the Romans do right?

Well, let me tell you a bit about dirndls.  There are so many different types and styles.  Different parts of Germany have different styles AND there is some important information to share on the wearing of the apron.  If you tie your apron to the right hip this denotes that you are taken.  If you tie the apron to the left, you are single.  If you tie the bow to the  back , you are a widow.  I love learning about these customs.

On the way to the 'anstich' at the Erlangen Bergkirchweih. I asked if I could take her photo and when she realised I was from Meblourne, she laughed and laughed!

I got great service at the bank today.  There were four bank tellers on duty and three of the four were masculine.  Usually, there is no enthusiasm for the client to step forward to the bankteller but let me tell you, my dirndl was pushing up the bosoms so high that all three tellers were eager to serve me.  If this is what I have to do to get good service in Erlangen, I think I will take the dirndl as my uniform!

And on the note of the cleavage and the dirndl, a lady from Munich entered Australiss today and very kindly complimented me on my dirndl.  Then she was telling me something but I really thought I could understand German after many years here…..but……well,  what she was saying was trying to translate to English in my brain but somehow, I couldn’t quite cut it.  She said, ‘ Viel holz vor der Hütte.’  This translated in my brain to, ‘A lot of wood before the cottage.’  Huh?  God only knows what that meant.  I wrote it down after she left so as not to forget what she said………I asked my husband………..and this is what I thought she was talking about:

Viel Holz vor der Hütte.....a lot of wood in front of the hut.

This is what he answered.  VIEL HOLZ VOR DER HÜTTE means to have a good stack, to be well endowed, in other words, to have big boobs!

Viel Holz vor der Hü just doesn't translate.

And what have I been telling you about the Erlangen Bergkirchweih?   It is all about beer and breasts.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.



  1. And a very attractive wood stack it is too.

  2. Moira, you looked gorgeous in your dirndl yesterday. You must post a pic of yourself. Cheeky bank teller!

    • Thanks Darl but I am not too sure to be honest, I think I need a breast reduction! I am losing my confidence…………but then so many ladies told me yesterday that they wish they had a bust like mine…..but as I was walking to the bank, I thought, oh my god, I hope these boobs don’t fly up out of the dirndl and hit me in the face!

  3. any man would be dying to put his face in there!

    • Like I said, that famous beer festival is about beer and breasts……..

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