Posted by: Moira Drexler | June 9, 2011

Sandals and Socks? I cannot see it anymore.

Fashion faux pas..........

The Erlangen Bergkirchweih has begun this evening and there are lots of girls and lads about the town in gorgeous dirndls and lederhosen!  But there is one fashion statement in Germany that makes me cringe.  Why do they do it?

I mean, we get through a long, hard, cold Winter and shovel the snow just to get out of the garage.  We have to learn to dress ourselves so warmly and it all gets so long in the tooth……….and then the crocuses start to push up as soon as the snow is melted………….then the pollen gets thick and the warm weather comes………….and then the sun starts to shine…….it is time for the deadly sight………….Oh dare I mention it?????  YES!

It is sandals and socks time folks.  Now I don’t want to put anyone off coming to Germany but if you are looking for a fashion trail, head straight for the Via della Spiga in Milan in Italy and when it comes to fashion, leave Germany out.    I just cannot understand it.  Why would people do this?  Don’t they have a mirror?  Isn’t there a loved one around to keep them in check?  When the rest of the world sees sandals and socks, they just want to puke.  And there can be only two guesses as to which two nationalities are the worst culprits.    The British and the Germans!    But WHY do they do it?  I demand to have comments on this post.  And I don’t want to hear that it ‘is healthy.’  Heidi Klum is German, she wouldn’t be seen dead in sandals and socks.  Karl Lagerfield?  Don’t give the dear a heart attack? What about Claudia Schiffer?  No, I don’t think so.  Even Angela Merkel wouldn’t brave it…..well not in public.

I can only think of two words to sum this fashion faux pas up………and that is, LIBIDO KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandals and Socks?  I truly cannot see it anymore.



  1. Ha! I only saw the title of this post before checking where you were writing from — and before I checked I thought “this MUST be in Germany” — and lo and behold 🙂 I don’t get this German fashion statement either.

    • My Canadian friends here in Germany would never do it. I wouldn’t be seen dead doing it. It is so ugly to look at and it shows such a lack of good taste, it is just like I said…..I cannot see it anymore. Thanks for your comment!

    • Even at the bank today, the bank teller with shirt and tie…….and sandals and socks……..erghhhhh

  2. It is not a good look – anywhere. I’m putting cropped pants and leggings worn as trousers in the fashion crime basket – and this is world wide. Nobody looks good in those awful baggy cropped pants that finish mid calf. It makes everyone look shorter and fatter than they are and mens’ skinny hairy legs dangling out of the trouser legs look ridiculous. Why not wear pants to the ankle where they are supposed to be???
    Leggins worn without a long top to cover the bum look obscene on anyone over the age of 18 and even then they need to be tall and slim. It is not a crime to oldish and chubby, but cover it up please.
    It is not just the Germans and British who commit fashion crimes.

  3. No it is not a good look anywhere as you say, but the sandals and socks issue is very typically a trend for the British and Germans and when I have to see that in large doses here in Germany, I want to puke.

    Loved your comments about the leggins!

  4. Thanks for this comment – I wouldn’t dare to say it out loud – can’t stop laughing :-)))

  5. I don’t think it’s a fashion statement – I think Germans are just softies and not as tough as the Aussies 😉

    • It must be all the sunshine we get and it must be a lack of sunshine Germany gets!

  6. You know what these sandals are called in Italy? Airfields.
    Born and raised in Germany, I am quite used to this queer trait, Heidi Klum made a fashion line with little Svarovski-like stones some years ago for them!! Working in a shop next to yours, I wouldn’t want to miss them during work, standing behind the counter.
    For the public, you missed to mention the various models of unshaved and non-sportive-legs above!! Shorts to go with them or bermudas…. yes there is a comparative in ugliness.
    But what about the pink green and yellow duckfeet shoes, I don’t know what the name is? They are supposed to be more fashionable but are they really?
    AND i’m waiting for a post on what ballerina shoes do to the shape of women’s legs and their gait!
    Love to read your blog,

    • How nice to read this comment and to know you have seen the blog. I loved getting your comments……and seeing you brought up the tender topic of unshaved bits, did you read my post on the Erlangen Schlossgartenfest? Pink, green and yellow duckfeet shoes? I think you mean crocs………by the way, I didn’t know that your English is so wonderful! What a surprise. I am blessed to have you as a wonderful neighbour in the Friedrichstrasse.

      • Flat foot floogie with a floy floy….. remember? Next time you see sandals like this, just hum along.

  7. my brother is working in Cathay Pacific as inflight service manager. He told me a joke. If he saw an european is wearing sock with Birkenstock, he/she must be 99% GERMAN!!! I think it is true. Isn’t it???

    • Yes, it is true! And I even tried it once but I didn’t get away with it.

  8. It’s not just the Germans and Brits–a lot of Americans, especially Californians, wear socks with Teva sandals.

    • Wow! I have been to California but didn’t see this but good to know. Maybe it is catching on in different parts of the world…..

  9. Don’t knock it til you try it

    • Thanks Keith but you will never see me in sandals and socks……….it is not like the Green Eggs and Ham saga………

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