Posted by: Moira Drexler | June 8, 2011

Erlangen Sternen Nacht 2011 – Australia Festival three years running!

Thanks to all the lovely people of Erlangen who came and visited the Australia Festival.  Once again, it was held in the beautiful historial middle ages cellar at Martin-Luther-Platz 5, Erlangen.

Here are some images of the wonderful night!

Cutting the cake.

NO WORRIES t-shirt at the Australia Festival, Erlangen 2011.

Party time....Australia Festival in Erlangen.

Thanks a million Mike!

Gecko Boutique for Children attended the Australia Festival. Thanks for exhibiting!

Großgründlach Ladies at the Australia Festival in Erlangen.

Australiss Festival in Erlangen is a great place to meet friends.

Opals from Andamooka at the Erlangen Australia Festival, 2011. Erlangen......Where? At Australiss' Australia Festival.

A Dinki Di Aussie Shiela in Erlangen......Australia Festival.

Australian Erlangen.

Strike a light, will you look at all these Aussie Erlangen!

G'day Mates!

Note the VB beer in hand.................Bavaria has about 400 breweries and here we were trying to introduce VB to the locals!

In the 'Down Under' cellar at Martin-Luther-Platz 5, Erlangen, Germany.

Koalas in Erlangen, Germany.

Thanks for coming and sorry we sold out of the Kangaroo Steaks!  It was a lovely warm evening and the Erlangen Sternen Nacht was a success.


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