Posted by: Moira Drexler | June 8, 2011

E-Coli Bacteria (E-hec Bakteria) Germany….Here is a solution to take the fear away.

We all must admit we are all getting a little concerned with this dangerous strain of the E-Coli outbreak.  People are scared to purchase fresh vegetables and they wont be convinced that they are safe…….terrible time for the industry………but here is a solution to take your fear away if you are so concerned.

Everyone can get a little bit busy and grow their own.  It tastes fantastic freshly picked, the kids enjoy seeing it grow, (so do we……), it is healthy to eat it so fresh, the taste is unlike anything else, looks nice in the garden, stop complaining and get planting.  This will take away your fear.  Oh yes, and keep it organic…..even if it means you have to keep at the slugs and bugs.

We think it looks great in our garden.

If you are so worried about buying salad, pull your finger out and get cracking. Plant your own and stop whinging!

and here are some onions, organic of course!

Onions and these make you cry like hell because they are real!

and for strawberries….

No pesticides here and we cannot wait because they taste so good.

And lastly, here are a few home grown red currants for good measure.  So there you have it, it is a little solution to a big problem and if we can manage this in our busy lives, so can you if you are so worried about purchasing these things in Germany.

Ready to pick and eat, they taste fantastic!



  1. If they were instant it would be even better. How long does it take for a lettuce to grow?

  2. The lettuce took about 8 weekks only. It is so yummy when it is picked, washed immediately and then eaten!

  3. I got some lettuce from Siv Hua’s garden last time.. It is soooo yummy. We love it…

  4. We love it too. But there is a rule. Never, ever mention to the children that you found a slug in the lettuce. It is carefully checked and washed….don’t want to crunch on a slug…….Urghhh.

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