Posted by: Moira Drexler | June 2, 2011

Australiss Jewellery Shop in Erlangen gets a visit from a spy.

This is post is not about humour.  This is about reality and how some people in Erlangen can think they can get away with bad behaviour.  Well, I have thought about it.  The spy who came in to Australiss most probably reads the blog ………….

Last Friday not long after I left the shop, my girlfriend stepped in for me for about an hour so I could get home to my children.

All was well until a lady came in with what we know now as a cock and bull story about how she wanted to take a few photos of possible gifts to show her husband.  Well, my girlfriend was only minding the shop so she thought it would be OK.

Then the lady albeit spy, was on the phone and whoever was speaking to her, was obviously telling her what to photograph and she went all around Australiss in the new location of the Friedrichstrasse 6 and took lots of photographs.  My girlfriend realised afterwards; she took photos of all our new unique and handmade designs.

Well, I have a message for you because I am sure you like to log onto my blog every now and then.  And here is my message to you.  You try that one more time and I will rip your bloody arms off.  Have I made myself clear??

So, now that I have announced it to the internet world, let us keep our eyes peeled fellow Erlangen people and if you start to see jewellery that looks like ours in other shops, we will then know who the spy was.

This is the first time I have ever put a post on my blog with a negative aspect but it is a dog eat dog world here it seems.

My husband says I should take it as a compliment and so here is one last thought for the spy…….Just remember if you are stealing my designs, then that makes me the leader and you only a follower.


By the way, there is a new rule at Australiss.  No more photos folks!


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