Posted by: Moira Drexler | May 30, 2011

Rhubarb Relish To Drive The Guests Wild!

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb.

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb and I don’t mean Monty Python style.  Rhubarb Relish or Rhubarb chutney is a delight to eat with barbequed or grilled meat, it is also fantastic with cold cut meats and cheese.

I have always loved the taste of Rhubarb and as a child growing up in Australia I remember three things about rhubarb.  Firstly, mum made rhubarb crumble and this served warm with freshly whipped cream was a treat.  We all loved it.

Secondly, my mum explained to me that the leaves from rhubarb are poisonous and rather deadly.  (I even remember mum telling me that a woman had murdered her husband usisng Rhubarb leaves!!)

Close up....the rhubarb relish boiling away......

Lastly, when I was a teenager I was lucky to visit Susan’s Grandmother called Nanna Hinchcliffe.  The experience of visiting her country house with the most amazing colourful garden at the front of the home was so memorable .  As was the lemonade which she made herself and I had never tasted such fabulous lemonade  in my life……and I couldn’t stop drinking it because it tasted so good.  Nanna Hinchcliffe was a very beautiful woman from inside and on the outside ……and it was Nanna Hinchcliffe who introduced me to an old time Australian favourite………….RHUBARB Relish  (Rhubarb Chutney if you would prefer to call it that.)

Many, many years ago, Susan surprised me with a book and she had written down this old family recipe.  It is simple.  It is quick.  It tastes fabulous and when I started making it here in Germany, my German friends went crazy for it.  They still do and I have passed on the recipe so much that I now think it is easier to refer them to this blog for the recipe.  It is truly a hit here!

Rhubarb is seaonal and finishes in Germany usually around the end of June.  You haven’t got much time left to make it but when you do, make heaps because it stores forever because of the vinegar, it is lovely as a gift but be warned, once they try it they will demand Nanna Hinchcliffe’s recipe……so here is what you do.

I dedicate this post to Nanna Hinchcliffe from the Teesdale/Bannockburn area of Victoria, Australia.


2 cups of raw Rhubarb, cut into cubes.

2 cups of raw onion cut into cubes.

1 and a half cups of sugar

I cup of vinegar

I dessert spoon curry powder

I dessert spoon salt

I dessert spoon cornflour

And this is all that you do:  Bring all ingedients to the boil listed up to and including the salf above and boil for twenty minutes.  Use the cornflour  to thicken at the end.

The above recipe is Nanna Hinchcliffe’s original recipe.

Bubbling away.......the neighbours here in Marloffstein will be wondering what the aroma is coming from the Drexler residence.

Here are my additions after years and years of making it:

Sterilize the jars by putting the clean, washed and dried jars in the oven at 150 degrees celcius.

Experiment with the vinegar….in Germany I take a wine vinegar (weinessig)

To thicken, take the relish away from the heat, mix in the cornflour to thicken but if you are reading this and are afraid you don’t know what this is, then thicken with potato flour (Kartoffelmehl) or a thickener but go by feel.  You may not need much………

Rhubarb Relish can be tasted at the Australian Festival in Erlangen, Friday 3rd of June from 5pm until 11pm!


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