Posted by: Moira Drexler | May 24, 2011

Life In Germany Cultural Talk……….

If you are really fascinated to learn about German Culture, there is a lecture coming up in Erlangen on June 29th, 2011.  Wait for it……………..

The title of the lecture is, ‘Life In Germany…..How To Get Along With Your Neighbours and Avoid Offending your Waitress.’

Here are the details.  Don’t forget to register if you are coming.

HENhaus German Customs Lecture Invitation

Rebecca K Weber is the speaker.

Pass on the information to anyone interested.

My rule on getting on with neighbours in Germany is NEVER MENTION THE WORD……..HEDGE.



  1. How to avoid offending your waitress???? That is a bit of a laugh. I have found waitresses in Germany to be quite offensive themselves.

  2. That is exactly the point! Some service is very bad, so bad that you would think you have done something wrong…….so I think the title of the lecture is a bit tongue in cheek of course.

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