Posted by: Moira Drexler | May 21, 2011

Erlanger STERNEN NACHT 2011 – Australian Lamingtons For The Locals Here in Erlangen.

Two years ago, I launched Lamingtons here in Erlangen at my Australia Festival.  They were not home made and to be honest, the German Baker just didn’t get it right………….

So at the Australia Festival, 2011  Australiss will re-launch Lamingtons in an Authentic Australian way.

Lamingtons by Moira Drexler from Australiss.

Australiss Jewellery and Gift Gallery located at the Friedrichstrasse 6 in Erlangen will host Erlangen’s third Australia Festival.  It will be held in conjunction with Erlangen Sternen Nacht and the Australia Festival will be held at Martin-Luther-Platz 5, Erlangen.  In the courtyard and down in the down under historical cellar is where Australiss will be.

Australiss will re-laumch the Lamingtons and this time they will be ridgy didge, dinki-di, true blue Aussie Lamingtons.




  1. Are you going to make them all yourself? I want one.

  2. Sure am. You remember the horrible story with the Baker in Erlangen who launched them under his name on the night that I launched them ……and then continued to make them to sell in the Bakery…….no more skulduggery…………….I have got my plan and they will be homemade.

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