Posted by: Moira Drexler | May 16, 2011

AUSTRALISS Jewellery Gallery Re-Opens And Now At Friedrichstrasse 6, Erlangen.

Thanks Silvia.

Superstitious people would say Friday the 13th on any calendar  is unlucky. ‘ QUATSCH ‘as they say in Germany.  Moira Drexler has moved her shop AUSTRALISS to the centre of Erlangen at the Friedrichstrasse number 6 .

Prosecco and Macaroons in colour co-ordianated style were part of the low key celebration……after all, Australiss has now been an Erlangen institution since September, 2007………but now being in a central location makes it easier to get to, parking is close by at the Grossparkplatz, or Peek and Cloppenberg or the likely choice, the Erlangen Arcade.  Cyclists delight as they park out the front, (just be careful of my lovely flower boxes!), pedestrians stop and stare, there are carparks on the street but best of all, it is in the heart of Erlangen and is now along one of the most loved gourmet and individual shopping strips Erlangen has to offer.

Here are some fond memories of the opening on Friday, 13th of May, 2011.

Australiss Moves to Friedrichstrasse 6, Erlangen.

Kate and Roland checking out Australiss' baby crocodile!

The guests start arriving......

Three special ladies.........

Guest trying on black collar by Australiss.

From a new neighbour, Thanks Uwe.

Owner of Erlangen Institution called The Lauf Maschine.

Celebrating with lovely new neighbours ............

More lovely guests......thanks for coming.

Having fun outside, Anita and Anna laughing with Moira Drexler outside the new Australiss.

Australiss with Tagua Nut Jewellery and Resin Jewellery.

Gifts to choose from......

Resin with old computer bits, great recycle.....and the pointy , sharp bangle that looks like something from the sex shop is KARL LAGERFELD!!!

Australiss bursting with colour.

The three A's, Anita, Anna and Aimee. My three helpers on opening night.

Moira having a quiet word to Australian Jane. Thanks for the lovely nibblies all made with such love I could have cried. And the cheese and vegemite sandwiches knocked the locals dead. They loved them!

Couldn't achieve this without you guys, thanks to my loving family, big hugs always.

Premium gourmet products from Australia on offer at Australiss, Erlangen.  Goumets get down to Australiss!

Premium gourmet products from Australia on offer at Australiss, Erlangen.

Australiss in Erlangen.

Having a laugh with Sigrid and Eva.

Thanks for the beautiful flowers Sigrid.

Lovely people checking out the new jewellery......

Tanya and Renate.......

Two Australians living in Erlangen......Jane and Amanda, two very, special ladies I know.

Thanks Jochen, so lucky to know you!

Flowers from Marina, thank you Darling, you are a gem.

A big thank you Hitomi..............

Just so lovely, Australiss opens its new store in Erlangen, but the Australian Driftwood remains...........

Moira Drexler on opening night at Australiss with Margot and Peter. These two amazing friends have been with me all through the Australiss journey and thanks to Martin Luther Platz 5, Erlangen, I have the stolen the with me ........thanks Margot and Peter for all the love and support. You are an inspiration to me that is for sure.

Blessed to know this family.......thanks for coming.

And thank your for these wonderfully bright flowers. I adore them.

Regina modelling the Kandinsky the way, we are sold out!

Thanks for the Tumeric plant Regina, I love it.

Wonderful flowers from a wonderful friend, luv ya Carmen.

Having fun on opening night......thanks for coming........and for the crate of drinks........

Thanks also for the bouquet of lollies from Barenland, Erlangen.

Heike and Paulina.......

Thanks for coming Ina and it was great to meet your mum.

Australiss opening.....13th of May, 2011.

Moira and Conny having a chat........

Thanks for this beautiful Rose Carmen, great having Jane here with us at the opening night.


It has been an incredibly past few days………….



  1. It looks as though the opening went very well. The shop looks great! Good luck in your new position.

    • Australiss re-opened on Friday 13th of May, 2011 and this little shop was full of lovely new neighbours, clients old and new, we had a lovely time.

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