Posted by: Moira Drexler | May 2, 2011

Australiss Jewellery And Gift Shop Moves To The Friedrichstrasse 6, Erlangen.

Amongst all the other goings on, Australiss is moving from the much loved Martin-Luther-Platz location to FRIEDRICHSTRASSE 6.  The telephone number will remain the same. The move began today and I had tears in my eyes but the Friedrichstrasse 6 is a much more convenient location for everyone.

Here are some pictures and it reminds me of the move into the shop, three and a half years ago!

Being wrapped up......

The most difficult one, heavy and long.......

The sign will move too, another 'denkmalschutz'

The removalists had two signs up disallowing anyone to park on the street outside so the truck could be parked. Lots of regulations here......but did it deter the ME FIRST attitude of some of the locals? No way, everyone parked there anyway which was a nuisance.

Now into the Friedrichstrasse.

The men from HUMMERT removalists were fun, hardworking and friendly.

When I have worked out an official opening date, please feel free to drop in and have a glass of Prosecco!



  1. I think it is sad to leave your lovely shop, but I can’t wait to see the new one.

  2. Yes, I am really sad too but the Erlangen Arcade has had a real effect now and so people are at the other end of town. My clients are happy though because Friedrichstrasse is in the centre of Erlangen.

  3. It is so sad to see these pictures. I am glad I am not there to see you go! It will be very weird to come home next time and you won’t be there.

    I wish you good luck and all the best for the new location!

  4. I have have cried and so has Margot. It is so sad to leave Martin Luther Platz but let me know when you are coming out next so it is dinner at our house! It is going to be sad when I return the keys……

  5. yes, Mom told me that it was a tough day.

    I will definitely let you know when I am coming to Erlangen next time. After all, I want to visit you in your new store. 🙂

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