Posted by: Moira Drexler | April 29, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton: A Fairytale Wedding……………..

29th of April, 2011.  Well, today is the day the whole world is watching….an estimated 2 billion people watching…….the long awaited marriage of Prince William to long time girlfriend, Kate Middleton.  When I told my husband we would have to return early from Easter Break so that i could watch the Royal Wedding, he didn’t know what to do with himselff.  Was I joking?  Was I serious?  Whatever the truth was, he wouldn’t be interested in watching …….and it was then the idea came to me……..invite the girlfriends over, have some fun, get a tiara, cook some food, make it also a fundraiser because turning dosh into English books for the Erlangen City Library is a great thing…….

Princess Dechsendorf and Princess GEE Long

When I told my dear friend, the Princess Dechsendorf that I wanted to invite some friends over to help me celebrate the Royal Wedding, she was delighted in a very  princess type of way.

I decided the food would have an Italian flair as cucumber sandwiches just don’t cut it for me.  She agreed.  So I prepared some antipasti, mixed with delicious bread from Gulden Bakery in Erlangen.  Today was going to be fun!

My fellow Princesses started to arrive but so as not to attract too much attention, they left the horses and carriages for dead, jumped in their cars (without bodyguards) and came to my party.

Princess Watson and Princess Pearl Necklace.

Queen Jeanette and Princess Samantha

Princess LBW von Nürnberg on the left and Princess von Tennis Spiel

More Princesses.................

Princess Nathalie von Purple Tiara.

Princess von Hong Kong and Princess von Cologne........

More and more Princesses.............

Princess von Geburtsvorbereitungshilfeklasse on the left, and Princess von FIS on the right.

Princess Perth von Australia.

This Princess met her Prince also at St. Andrews University, Scotland!!! She won a prize for that!

Princess Singapore von Rathsberg and Princess D.S. von Nürnberg.

My American Princess Friends look sooooooo gorgeous!

Princess in Toiilet Paper Wedding Dress

Designer Wedding Dresses For Princesses made from Dinkum Dunny Roll.......excuse me, toilet paper to all you Princesses out there.

Well my Princesses, it was a lovely day and thanks for coming to share the day with me.  Thanks for the donations to the Friends of the Library, Erlangen too!  Thanks for the fun, the laughs and being just yourselves, the Princesses that you are.

The best tiara and worst tiara photos will come in another post.  I hope the winners get to sport the Royal Union Jack G-Strings!  Forget about the G Strings for Princess von GEE LONG……..unfortunately I need the entire alphabet.



  1. ★★★★★

    • Thank you Kristin, we sure had fun!

  2. What a great day. I think you had just as much fun there as the royals did.

  3. We all had a ball!

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