Posted by: Moira Drexler | April 12, 2011

Disaster Relief For Japan and New Zealand.

A very hard working teacher from the Franconian International School in Erlangen… organised a Bake Sale to raise funds for disaster relief …………Both Japan and New Zealand have been devastated by earthquakes this year.  The parents happily pitched in and baked , decorated and delivered.  The students had to sell the cakes and calculate ………….

In a small school community, every bit of help counts.  All students got involved in the selling of the cakes and had their rostered on times.  The rest of the school visited the cake stand at their allotted times and all went smoothly………..

Teaching Children To Think About Others.......

Japan's Earthquake..........

Working Hard For Disaster Relief......

Pretty Cakes.........

This Cake Looked Like A Volcano......

More Cakes To Sell, More Funds Raised For Disaster Relief.

More Cakes.....

Bake Sale Raises Funds for Disaster Relief.

One Australian Mother Stayed Up All Night And Graciously Donated 100 Lamingtons! Good on you Kirst!

More Yummy cakes selling so fast.

Cookies For Disaster Relief.....

Everyone helped by bringing home made cakes.

Thanks for the donation.......

Now let me much will that be?

This was a terrific Bake Sale.  The money raised will go the Disaster Relief for Japan and New Zealand. The other wonderful aspect of organising this is teaching the children that there are a lot of others less fortunate and as a community, we can all pitch in to help………even if it means selling cakes to do it!

And how much was raised?????

A total of 809 Euro!



  1. Good to see that a teacher has done something for a good cause for Japan and New Zealand.

    • Thank you for your comment! i did not make a pavlova though….you know the old tension between us Auusies fighting over who invented the Pavlova! We all did what we could to raise funds for devasted New Zealand and Japan.

  2. What a great day, and so much money raised. Good work.

    • It was a terrific effort and the organisation was great. The children benefitted knowing their work was going to a good cause.

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