Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 31, 2011

Confidante Doll Pendants Represent Mother and Daughter.

A new jewellery design that is becoming sought after are the Confidante Dolls. These are mother/daughter pendants. The daughter fits inside the mother much like a Russian Nesting Doll or Babushka Doll as some people call them. They come on a silver chain so you can wear both at a time, the little pendant inside the larger pendant representing the mother, or you may choose just to wear the small one alone. They come in very many different colours. Here are some shots:

Confidante Dolls.

Two pendants in one, Confidante Dolls.

They have been inspired by Japanese Kokeshi Dolls.   They are beautifully made with Silver, gemstones, freshwater pearls, marcasites……they symbolise love and peace.



  1. Very cute.

  2. The Photographs don’t do them justice and they are a really nice size so they can be noticed. I always loved Russian nesting dolls…………..

  3. Hi I am Soumya Adithya s mom. These pendants ARE beautiful. I am going to urge my son to come over to Australiss to take a look. I have a daughter so im naturally interested…..Good Luck to you in your new location.Bye.

    • Hi, Thse pendants are beautiful and it is lovely to hear from you again.

  4. They are beautiful! Would make a great gift for a pregnant woman.

    • They are just beautiful…..they are a substantial size and it is so lovely the way the larger locket opens up and the smaller pendant is inside…….they have different names that have different meanings for example Kasumi and Azumi.

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