Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 27, 2011

Australiss Joins the ‘Ich KANN’ Creative Festival To Raise Funds For The Friends Of The Library, Erlangen.

Erlangen is clean.  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN CLEANING UP THE ENVIRONMENT !  Thanks to everybody who joined in and collected a hubcap for me.  And thank you to those of you who still have the odd hubcap for me.  I started collecting in October and you cannot believe how many we have found….just under two hundred on Saturday’s count!

The Filthy hubcaps stored and stacked up in the garage almost cost me a divorce!

In preparation for ‘Ich KANN’, a temporary Museum and creative festival to be held in the City of Erlangen (over a two week period, opening on the 2nd of April, 6pm) we finally collected all the hubcaps and the cleaning process began:

Hubcaps lined up over the drain but unfortunately we had to do this at the front of the house. I am sure the 'Villagers' thought I needed locking up in the loony bin but hey, I am doing my bit for an Erlangen Charity, The Friends of the Library, Erlangen.

More hubcaps lined up over the drain!  I originally was going to ask some friends to come and help but it was decided that we could manage with the machine and lo and behold some neighbours didn’t think the loony bin was required so they rolled up their sleeves and pitched in.  This one said it was much more fun than sitting in front of the computer and when I offered a bit of pocket money for his effort, he said could I make him his favourite chocolate cake instead and invite him to the ‘Ich KANN# festival!!

Help for the hubcap cleaning!

This hubcap came from Deniz and it was declared the most difficult to clean and after seeing a lot of different designs, let me tell you FORD was voted the least loved for design.


Hubcaps that will help to raise funds for Friends of the Library, Erlangen.

Friends of the Library, Erlangen will benefit and so will the environment. Car makers should be made aware that their hubcaps fall off too easily. I have found them in the wierdest of places!

Bus hubcap all shiny and clean and a mini hubcap..........

Unexpected helpers knowing that the money raised will purchase English books for the Erlangen City Library.

Now this photo is the grand finale for this weekend.  Here you get an idea of just what we have collected.  Thanks Evelyn, you are my best private ‘finder’ and your tireless energy of even picking them up when bike riding has been amazing.  Thanks!

Thanks to all who donated……we still have a week left but here it is folks…….you are going to be shocked to see how many we have collected in such a short time.  It is all positive.  It is about cleaning up the environment, it is about getting involved in the community spirit, it is also about offering a creative edge to recycling, it is about working for a local charity and it is about adding another dimension to the ‘Ich KANN’ creative festival in Erlangen opening April 2nd at 6pm.  Spread the word, bring the children, the neighbour’s children, GET CREATIVE AND HAVE SOME FUN AND PLEASE IF YOU COME DOWN TO SEE ME AND THE TEAM FROM AUSTRALISS AT THE FESTIVAL, DON’T FORGET TO BRING A DONATION FOR THE FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY, ERLANGEN!   TA DA!!!  Here is the final CLEAN collection!

All cleaned and ready to paint.........THANKS AGAIN EVERYBODY!



  1. Amazing!!! I hope they are all decorated beautifully and you raise lots of money.

  2. Thanks for your support. I will keep updates coming along………

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