Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 23, 2011

Elisabeth Taylor Dies…..Cleopatra Was My Favourite.

Dame Elisabeth Taylor has died.  My favourite film that she starred in was ‘Cleopatra’.  Elisabeth Taylor was known not only for her films, but for her stream of husbands AND HER JEWELLERY COLLECTION!!!!  Dame Elisabeth would have been one of the most famous jewellery collectors in the world so it is appropriate I should mention her.

This is an example of what we sell....this is sold but not to E.T.

The famous diamond that weighed an incredible 69 carats (no joke) given to her as a gift by Richard Burton was auctioned off a long time ago and the money raised founded a hospital.  Isn’t that terrific??

I wonder what will happen with the rest of the collection…….it is mamouth!

Goodbye Dame Elisabeth……….rest in peace.



  1. Elizabeth Taylor was so beautiful. I loved her in National Velvet and Butterfield 8. I also loved her jewels. RIP indeed.

  2. She was beautiful and she was strong. And what Elisabeth Taylor has done in raising Aids awareness and millions of dollars for Aids research is truly something.

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