Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 11, 2011


Enjoying some lunch.

This is a photo post of Australians in and around Erlangen, Germany!  Let me see how many I can find.  Australiss somehow ends up as a meeting point and we all think it is great!  May I present to you some Aussies and there will be more to add as soon as I get some more photos.

This one watching the Footy in Mitteleschenbach

Originally from Sydney.

Spot the one from Canberra.

Sydney man who has a great singing voice and a guitar.

Building an igloo Aussie style.

The one on the left is a Melburnian.

Aussies having fun.

Country Lad from woop woop.

A happy little vegemite.

This one is from Brisbane and is still adjusting to the climate.

On the left from Perth and Myself from Geelong / Melbourne.

Pretending to be in Hawaii in the dead of German Winter.

Here is a pack of them, Aussies love a party.

The Wild Country Beanie is a dead give away.....

A Northern Beaches man this one! He likes cake too!

So I guess that is enough for now.  I have to collate some more photos and stay posted……and here are a couple more Aussies!

More Aussies....we are everywhere.

Playing the didgeridoo

This Australian Lady has lived in Erlangen for 40 years.....

Another happy little vegemite.

From Melbourne but has lived here a long time.

Spot the man from Canberra.



  1. Australian are everywhere! I really love the warm and toasty cat.

  2. This Brisbanite living here loves looking for field mice, snuggling by the fire and getting lots of cuddles.

  3. And they say there are no kangaroos in Austria! Ha! They got that one wrong.

    • They sure did ! I have to sort through more photos! Part two to follow at somw stage……

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