Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 9, 2011

Erlangen: Friends of the Library, Erlangen Charity walk from Marloffstein to Atzelsberg to collect English books for Erlangen City Library.

There is a definite lack of sunshine here in Erlangen at the moment and slowly but surely, we are getting snippets of sunshine here and there and what a difference that makes.  The crocuses are TRYING to push upwards.

On the weekend I was not ‘walking on sunshine ‘ I can tell you.  Things were bleak, icy cold and I thought we were doomed in a mini ice age type feeling until I saw this wonderful door on a walk from Marloffstein to Atzelsberg with friends to get a collection of English books together for ‘The Friends of the Library, Erlangen.’  This is a new charity/committee that I am a founding member of.  We want to raise funds to purchase English books for the Erlangen City Library as the English book section is ‘a bit bleak.’

I thought this door was wonderful and it really cheered up the bleakness of the morning.  Although we were chilled to the bone, the fresh air did us all good.

Icy Cold..........

If you have unwanted English books for children or teenagers, WE NEED THEM!  The Friends of the Library, Erlangen has a donation box at the City Library in the centre of town and at my shop Australiss, Martin-Luther-Platz 5, Erlangen.  We would welcome any book donation.

If you are interested in joining up a membership to the Friends of the Library, Erlangen, e. V. then please get in contact with me and I will forward you the details.

English is on the curriculum here so the children will really benefit from being exposed to more English books and there are many, many bi-lingual English and German speaking families so please let it be known, The Friends of the Library, Erlangen is a great charity to donate to whether it be in the way of used English books or monetary donations.  Cash donations or transfers are issued with receipts so therefore tax deductible.

I think there will be many doors opening ……….



  1. I love that green door, I’m not surprised it cheered you up.

  2. Oh My God, I just remembered your green boat! Maybe they could get together! The bright green looks fabulous amongst the bleakness of the morning. It was SO COLD! Come on Spring, we have had enough Winter now.

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