Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 8, 2011

BMW Museum, Robots And Pretty People….Carnival Time Has Begun In Germany.

If you are travelling to Munich in Germany, make time to visit the BMW Museum and do yourself a favour, go on a tour of the factory.  This would have to be Munich’s biggest tourist attraction and it is well worth it and it is fun for all the family.

BMW Munich although it looks like Brazil!

Carnival has started with festivities in lots of different countries all over the world but I needed a reality check as I thought I was in Brazil !  BMW certainly knows how to entertain its visitors.

Faschingsmontag bei BMW - Carnival time has started in Germany too!

If BMW made robots that look like this for the factory, I don't think there would be many cars coming off the production line.

Carnival time in Munich, Germany at BMW.

Now the robots just hanging around were my favourites.  Just movin’ around and hangin’ out with the guests, by the way no G Strings on these robots!!!!

Robots at the BMW Museum.

We were not allowed to take photographs in the factory as you can well imagine.  (Someone on our tour started clicking and was instantly caught out by a lady who went and reported it to our guide……….In the Xenophobic’s guide to Germany there is a chapter on how Germans act like secret policeman so this incident made me giggle…..) Anyway NO PHOTOS to show but there are so many amazing things I learnt at BMW.

Isetta from the past. Gorgeous.

If you look to the left of the front of this Isetta, you will see a door handle.  Yes, you open the door to the car from the front.  I think they should make a comeback.  They are tiny, which is great for the city, they are cute and they must run on the smell of an oily rag.

I love the door on this car and the little steering wheel..........

The yellow peril.............

Maybe this would be better named the mid-life crisis car.

This one has been winning goes extremely fast.

BMW bits.............

800 to 950 cars are produced here per day.

Every single BMW engine comes from Munich and Munich alone.

I asked the guide whether HUBCAPS  (hee, hee, hee for those of you who follow my blog…..) and he very politely said that some parts of the car were made elsewhere.  Which parts and where remain unknown to me.

I was amazed to see how the robots making the cars can move in the tiniest of space too.  BMW when it started out was actually on the city outskirts of Munich and of course the city has grown so much that now BMW remains in the city centre and makes the cars in only about 4,000 square metres of space. (I hope I am correct here but I did the tour in German so there may be some error….)

I have always said that Bread is good in Germany, really good, in fact the best I have seen so far in the world.  Well, I have to say, I think the Germans are extremely good car makers.  A nation of engineers…(my husband would love that being an engineer hinself!)  I was totally blown away by the robots that put the paint onto the car and how it is done.  It is performed with the minimum of space, the paint doesn’t go all over the place.  These robots gently even open the doors and the boot so they can spray paint inside.  Very lovingly, the doors are shut before it moves along the production line.  But here is the bit that I love the best and it makes me proud because you have to hand it to the Germans, they are extremely clever when it comes to looking after the environment and recycling.  Underneath the line of cars getting sprayed in a flowing river of water.  The paint that doesn’t make it on the car ends up in the water.  The water is constantly going around and around and recycled and the excess paint gets collected, sent back to the paint people who recycle it.  No chemical paint gets washed away into the water stream.  Isn’t that grand??

BMW is easy to get to by public transport.  It is well worth the visit.  It was such a memorable day for all of us.  Who ever thought that the car body gets GLUED together as well as about 400 solders……………



  1. I just love the Isetta!!! I guess naked girls can be used to sell anything.

  2. The Isetta was so cute and at one stage a man drove it around. A motorcyclist also revved up a bike and rode it up and down the staircase. And the Brazilian girls……yes, sex sells……….

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