Posted by: Moira Drexler | March 3, 2011


Australian Kangaroos Farting Around.....that is what the scientists want to study.

You might ask why the owner of Australiss in Erlangen would write about Kangaroos, especially when the topic should be jewellery related and not kangaroo farts, and why bother even thinking about absurdities while we are nestled away here in Deutschland (Germany).  You cannot take the Australian out of me and by the way, we eat kangaroo here.  In fact, I think more people in Germany eat Kangaroo than in Australia. Let me tell you that kangaroo meat is high in protein, and there is no fat and I don’t think you can find an animal that is more free range than a kangaroo because they bounce all over the place and there is no chance to catch them which means they cannot be pumped with antibiotics and God only knows what. Sounds good so far.

We met this little fellow in Queensland last Summer.

To fart or not to fart, that is the question.  The University of Woollongong may be allowing some experiments on kangaroos to work out whether their farts would assist global warming. Caging a kangaroo seems unimaginable.  They need to hop around and be jolly just like our old time favourite, Skippy, the bush kangaroo.

Why are kangaroo farts good then?  There is no methane gas in a kangaroo fart because kangaroos have a special BACTERIA (one of Germany’s favourite words…) in their stomachs and if the scientists do more research about the bacteria and how they possibly can give this bacteria to cows and sheep that produce a lot of methane gas, then this would be a way of reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

Kangaroo farts may save the world!

All bounced out and sound asleep.

Kangaroos are social creatures, I couldn't imagine them caged up for scientific experiments.

If you want to be helpful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, buy more kangaroo steaks and if you need to know what to do with the steaks, e-mail me or visit me at Australiss in Erlangen.

We sell rosella flowers that can be made into a delicious sauce to compliment roo meat.

We sell gourmet salt and pepper mixes that goes with kangaroo meat.

Tasmanian pepperberries are sensational with roo meat.

Watch out at Aldi as sometimes they offer it otherwise you can always place an order for deep frozen premium kangaroo steak with Australiss.

I just had a thought, why don’t the people in Australia forget about all the experiments and scientific testing which costs money and seems cruel for the kangaroos?  Why don’t we just eat more kangaroo so that less cattle and sheep need to be farmed?  Kangaroos need to be culled back and we should eat more roo.  I don’t think I will convince the Germans here to convert from pig to roo, do you?


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