Posted by: Moira Drexler | February 24, 2011

Brezel, Go Get Knotted In Germany.

I think my son could say the word ‘Brezel’ before he could say Mum. That is how important a Brezel is in Germany.  (Pretzel to any punters out there.)  Brezel you ask?  If you don’t know what a Brezel is in Germany, then it is time to get knotted.  Yes, I said ‘Get Knotted’.  A Brezel is that weird looking knot thing that you see in the bakeries by their thousands (by the way, in Erlangen  I think there is just about a bakery on each corner……as well as pharmacies but that is another story!) But you have got to hand it to these Germans, they MAKE INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL BREAD!  Even a quick walk from my shop Australiss and I tell you no lie, there are bakeries everywhere.  And they all have their own version of Brezel.

Brezel With Bird Nest in Background, near Australiss, Erlangen.

In June this year, the famous Erlangen beer festival will be held. (Click here for the details.) And what an outstanding performance by the Erlangen bakeries for Brezel.  It is called the Bergkirchweih or The Berg.  I have travelled rather extensively throughout Germany and this would have to be the BEST .  If you are planning on coming to Germany and you want to experience a bit of the old lederhosen, dirndl, beer and party atmosphere thing then THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE.

Now back to getting twisted man.  I am telling you, you want one with salt on it, you got it.  Pumpkin Seed?  Sure.  What about a bit of the old poppy seed heh?  No worries.  Caraway seed? A cinch.  You name it, they have got it: there is probably even a Kama Sutra version of it as the getting knotted theme is appropriate.

An Erlangen institution - Gulden Bakery.  It is the oldest family run bakery in Erlangen.  Since 1908.

They are easy to eat on the run as they are clean and not messy.  They are made with yeast which smells and tastes so nice.  They are absolutely wonderful at the beer fest with a stein full of cold ‘Kellarbier’, great with butter on, the list goes on and on.  Even on holiday back in Australia last summer there was a brezel (pretzel) stand at the Eumundi markets.  Well let me tell you, I didn’t fly all the way back home to Australia to sample a brezel there.  No, when in Rome do what the Romans do.

Where do you find the best Brezel in Erlangen?  Any suggestions?

Germany gets my best country for bread and brezel (pretzel) vote.



  1. I would agree with you that Germany does the best bread. I love it!!! Paris does the best pastries and Italy, the best coffee and gelato. I like Finland’s bread as well. I guess I just like eating.

  2. Notice how England didn’t get a mention? Yep, German bread is unbeatable. And Tasmania does the best Pepperberries!

    • Queensland does good pineapples, bananas and lovely, lovely mangoes.

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