Posted by: Moira Drexler | February 16, 2011

Morning Glory, Chicken And Chilli Moira Style.

If you want something tasty, fast and easy to prepare on a weeknight then try this.  Morning Glory is also known as water spinach and I love the taste , in fact, everyone loves the taste so it is a great way of getting some healthy food into the mouths of children.

Glorious Morning Glory (Water Spinach is another term)

Wash the morning glory, throw away any leaves that don’t look honky dory any more.  Then cut it into about 5cm lengths and set aside.

Chop it up like this.

Cut some red chilli and put it aside.  Remove the seeds if you don’t like it too hot.  I use two red Thai chillies but if you like food not too hot you might go for one chilli.

Chilli chopped but take the seeds away if you don't like it hot.

Cut up some chicken breast or thigh and quickly cook it in the wok or pan until brown, then set aside.

Browning the chicken.

Smash up some garlic and I do mean smash it so you get the flavour out.  Fry the garlic until brown in some vegetable, sunflower or peanut oil.  Add the cooked chicken, the morning glory.  Stir.

Add some soy sauce to taste and oyster sauce.  Cannot give you quantities as it is just a recipe made up and you have to go by feel.  I will give you the tip though, do not drown this in sauce.  It shouldn’t be too much.  Then add the chillies in the last couple of minutes.  Serve with rice.  This is quick, easy, and tasty as anything.

Morning glory and chicken dish.

Remeber the book Green Eggs and Ham?  Just try it and you will see…………



  1. G’day Moira,
    I will make this when I work out what water spinach is in France………….This will be a perfect weeknight meal for my family.
    Ilana, Annecy.
    PS. Thought of you today and wondered if you are getting alot of use out of your black Marrimekko dress?

    • Water Spinach is morning glory, you can get it with the fresh herbs in any asia shop and the taste is wonderful. Fabo for soups as well! Black dress is getting worn a lot and the purple too! Lovely to hear from you!

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