Posted by: Moira Drexler | February 11, 2011

Erlangen Beer Festival, Germany. It’s All About Beer and Breasts…………….

Entlas Keller at Erlnager Bergkirchweih

Spot the Australian!

The Erlangen Beer Festival has now begun.  The festival is the second largest beer festivals in Germany, (Oktoberfest in München is the largest). It truly is one of the oldest and it is the most beautiful beer festival in Germany.  Sitting under the old trees, having a sing song or a beer with friends, it is pure hedonism if you are into beer festivals.  Everyone, but EVERYONE is in a good mood .

This year, 2011, the Erlanger Bergkirchweih (Beer Festival) is on from the 9th of June until the 20th of June.

It opens daily from 10am until 11pm.  (  Most people then walk into the Altstadt and continue partying on!)

There are buses and trains, and of course you can drive and find a park but the beer is sold in hardly anything less than a one litre stein.  Better not to drive.

And why do I say the festival is also about breasts?  The Dirndl is really back in fashion so don’t be shy.  I wore one everyday in Australiss last year during the festival and we had big brezel hanging in the windows.  The atmosphere in Erlangen is fantastic.

More posts to come about the Erlangen Berg.



  1. It sounds like great fun.

  2. It is so nice for all the family. Although over the time it is open, it receives one million visitors, the crowds are well behaved and it is safe. It is held at the Burgberg (castlehill) and you don’t need the address. Just follow the crowds. We have guests coming from Australia to visit it this year and friends from England.

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  5. u look 25

    • Oh I don’t know about that but thank you!

  6. I have run out of Tribeca salt. I contact Ilana. She mails me the name of your shop to do a ‘group’ order, and the next thing I know I am browsing your blog and looking at you on my screen dressed as a German lady – looking delicious (If I might add..).

    How lovely to see your smiling face ! I will do that order with Ilana ..

    Missing Justine and wishing we were just finishing plans for another Helsinki trip 🙂

    Lots of love, all the best

    • Hi Katey,

      Hope you like the blog. Justine subscribed a week or two ago. Nice to hear from you and let me know what you and Ilana are ordering. Have the full range of Salt in stock.

  7. I visited Germany for a month this summer with a friend who is actually native to the area. We went to the Erlangen beerfest and had a great time. I didnt know it was the 2nd largest in Germany until just now! Great memories!

    • Thank you! I like the Erlangen Beer festival because of the setting under those wonderful towering trees. Much nicer than being in a plastic tent like Octoberfest! And of course the fact that everyone is so happy!

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