Posted by: Moira Drexler | February 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Corker!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Valentine’s Day is not far away.  And I have got a cocktail for you to help you celebrate………

All you need is:

One bottle of Taylor and Ferguson Premium Cuvee from Australiss. (If you don’t live anywhere near Erlangen then take your favourite bottle of sparkling white or prosecco.

Available from Australiss.

Pop a wild hibiscus flower or rozella flower  (also available from Australiss, yes, we do pack and send!) into the bottom of the glass.  Add a little of the syrup.

Valentines Day Wonder available from Australiss in Erlangen.

Pour in the sparkling, sekt or prosecco!

Add a shot of Cointreau.

This is my wild cocktail suggestion for Valentines Day …………….

Now there is something else,  these flowers organically grown in Australia are not just a decoration to throw into  the glass.  The flower opens up in the bubbly and then you eat it!

Now, like I mentioned, Valentines Day is coming up.  You could also tickle her or his belly  with a flower delicately placed to tickle ………..

What do you think readers????



  1. A fun way to spice up the champagne is one of TY KU Valentine’s cocktails. Just add grapefruit juice and TY KU sake to the champagne. It is so refreshing and adds a nice kick. Love it and so did everyone at my Valentines party this weekend

    • Thanks for this suggestion. I am going to try it and it must be lovely with the grapefruit juice.

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