Posted by: Moira Drexler | February 1, 2011

Cyclone Yasi Upgraded To A Category 5!

The Calm Before The Storm.

Oh No.  It is just horrible.  You probably wonder why it upsets me here in Germany but Australia is still home.  Please, please have some thoughts for the Queenslanders in the area from Port Douglas down to Townsville.  Cyclone Yasi has just been upgraded to a Category 5 which is the worst.  It means winds of 280kph and above, it means total destruction and there have been mandatory evacuations.

Please spare a thought for all the people there.  Queensland in the last weeks has already suffered so much with two thirds of the state being flooded.  Now a cyclone the size of Hurricane Katrina is unstoppable.

Port Douglas, the beach is so beautiful.

Here are some photos of the region that we took last July and August 2010.  Keep the images in your mind as these images in a few days will be a mass of destruction.

Peaceful and calm at Port Douglas.

These sandcrabs are sure to survie Cyclone Yasi, dig deep little ones!

Such beauty is going to be blown away at 280kph.

Serenity now.............before cyclone Yasi.

Crocodile signs are not cyclone proof unfortunately.

There will be no coconuts left on the trees to drop down and laze about on the beach,

Unfortuantely no amount of vinegar is going to help repair the pain and suffering that Cyclone Yasi is going to bring.

For anyone reading this post, please have a thought for all the people on that far northern coast of Queensland.  About one million people live in this area and will be affected and let us hope that they have all moved out to a safer place.  Best wishes, stay strong and fingers crossed that  this category cyclone does not destroy everything in its path.


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