Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 20, 2011

Nicole Kidman: Baby nummer zwei ist da. Nicole Kidman : Baby number two is here!

Wow, that was a great secret.  Good on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for hiding the news from the Media, their second daughter has been born, ‘Faith Margaret.’  It must be horrible to live under such scrutiny.  When a woman has had miscarriages and the time clock is ticking, there is a good reason for her to arrange a surrogate mother for her baby.  Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the biological parents.  Congratulations .  We are hearing similar stories a lot lately as Elton John and David Furnish present their son to the world.

Wow, das war ein geheimnis.  Für Nicole Kidman und Keith Urban, die zweite Baby ist da.  Die sind die Biological Eltern und wir wünschen die Familie viel glucklichkeit und gesundheit.  Wir hören mehr und mehr Geschichte die ähnlich sind, Elton John und sein Partner, David Furnish haben auch ein Baby, ein Sohn bekommen.  Herzlichen Glückwünsch.

Congratulations from Australiss in Erlangen, Germany.

Photo from Jenny in Chicago. Queensland Boulder opal necklace.



  1. It is amazing isn’t it, that they were able to keep that under wraps. Good on them!

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