Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 18, 2011

Sydney’s Bats.

In Sydney, Circular Quay is an all important stop for public transport such as ferries, trains and buses.  From this point you have a lot to see and do on foot but one of the things I like to do is go to the Sydney Botanical Gardens.  It’s free, it’s beautiful and it is also a great place to see a very large colony of Bats.

They are really big, about the size of a house cat.

There are thousands of them here to see.  They are big and they make a huge mess.  There are a lot of people who want to get rid of them because they have damaged and also killed off some very, very old trees in the botanical garden.  So, you have the people worried about losing the historical trees and then the other side of the coin is that these fruit bats with the grey head are actually also an endangered species.

In the past, there have been many attempts to move them.  They have tried all sorts of natural ways to get rid of them.  Even python poo was hung up in the trees in an attempt to move them on.  But where to?

It is such a huge colony.  In my Melbourne days, I often saw a ranger with a rifle shooting loudly at them in an attempt to disperse them.  Bats just don’t like loud noises.

Just hanging around.............

Over the years, there have been many attempts to move them……………..but let me tell you, they are still there.  And if you are walking around the Sydney Harbour, and also meandering around the Sydney Opera House, walk that little bit further to the Botanical Gardens.  They are so beautiful and not far down from the cafe, you can go check out the bats after a cappucino.  They are fascinating to observe.  I guess you have to make up your own mind out what is right.  Animal welfare groups think it is cruel to try and move them.  I guess it would disrupt their breeding patterns.  And then you have to think of the other side.  They have damaged so much and continue to threaten a lot of old trees.

I like them and if they are endangered, I think there should be more research done on the lives of these wonderful mammals.



  1. I love bats, but I do understand they can be a pest. We have some around our place, but not enough to cause problems.

    • The bats are endangered and they also play an important role in the ecosystem because although they make a mess as we see it, they do spread pollen and seeds.
      Animal welfare groups are sure to stick up for these creatures …….it is a hard one! What I haven’t understood is that even if they go in with rifles to shoo them away, where are they going to go? They have to live somewhere!

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