Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 12, 2011

Überschwemmungen in Brisbane, Australien – Brisbane Flood 2011, Australia.

It is a huge natural disaster.  Mother Nature wins every time, you just cannot mess with her.  Brisbane is in such a state of disaster and they are still awaiting the worst.

It is expected that the water will rise 5.5 metres.

The update on Brisbane is that there are discussions to blast Kangaroo Point as it is so unstable.

They expect to loose all of the Botanical Gardens.  No one can get into the city and there is a total shutdown.  Power has been turned off to keep everyone safe.

The houses along the river are flooding and snakes are being swept in with the rising levels of water.

In towns like Ipswich which has now been completely wiped out, looting has begun.

There are going to be massive sewerage problems and today I have heard that there has been an E Choli outbreak in one area.

It is so horrible and nobody can do anything to stop it.  The people of Queensland need assistance.  The military has been called in and helicopters roam the skies watching the river rise and of course being on the lookout for stranded people.

When you see families clinging to their roof while the water hurriedly rises, it is just unthinkable.

The Brisbane river is now at 4.1metres and is set to peak at 3am in the morning at 5.2 metres and then another peak will occur at 4pm, tomorrow Brisbane time.

As I have mentioned, I feel so helpless here and there is nothing anyone can do.

Kellies Antiques in the Brisbane Arcade, Brisbane City Centre

Everything is sandbagged and it is now just a waiting game .



  1. ((HUGS)) Moira! Just devastating isn’t it??? Clives family are in the Toowoomba area, they’re just in total utter shock 😦 They know some of the people who have died and have friends who are still missing. Our thoughts are with everyone. Hope your staff and friends are safe. Take care, Love H

  2. Yes, it is purely devastating. Please pass on our regards to Clive’s parents. I wanted to ring but for the last two days, I just couldn’t manage it. My staff are safe and well and the shop was evacuated yesterday morning. Thanks for your hugs and support. My thoughts are with all the families in Brisbane who have lost family and friends, and, who have lost their homes, their dreams. It is a terrible wait now as we know that tomorrow 7-8am our time here in Germany will be the peak and that will be the worst. I also heard that in two weeks a cyclone might hit Brisbane as well. There is one forming on the coral sea.

  3. when it rains it pours 😦

  4. The flood waters have gone down and now the clean up begins. Check out for flood and clean up photos. People are very resilient and everyone is pulling together to get out of this mess. Fortunately there have only been a couple of reports of looting – a couple too many of course.

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