Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 10, 2011

Contaminated egg scare Germany.

Roughly 4,500 farms have been closed in Germany.  The reason is that industrial oil has got mixed up accidentally with animal feed, and that animal feed has gone out in tonnes across the land, feeding chickens and pigs.  The big issue here is Dioxin.  It has been found that contaminated eggs have up to ten times the legal limit of dioxin but so far, there is no evidence to say that these high levels pose a risk to humans.  No-one feels comfortable about eating eggs or pork when they don’t know where they have come from, or how they have been fed.

Here is a little solution to a big problem out there in Germany.

My chook without Dioxin

If you are really, really, really scared about the food contamination scare at the moment, here is what you do.

Buy or build a little wooden shed and put it in your back yard.  (Yes, it is allowed in Germany!).  Save all your salad and vegetable scraps.  Get a couple of hens and feed them your scraps.  Feed them up until they start laying eggs and bingo, Bob’s your Uncle, you will have one or two fresh eggs a day.  You will be assured they are safe and fresh.  The kids can play with them, they can have a chore to two to feed them, clean out the pen.  Ask a kind neighbour to feed them when you go on holiday.  Let the kids search for the eggs.

Our chook at home

Ok, my hen is ‘papier mache.’  There are however lots of little farms in Germany who sell their fresh eggs and the chooks have only been fed from healthy scraps.  There is always a solution.  If you are really worried, get a chook or two, nestle down with them and read them a chook story like ‘Chicken Little’ or ‘The Big Fat Hen’.  We have survived mad cows disease, foot and mouth disease, bird flu and pig flu.

I am not making light of the scary situation out there.  People are worried that they don’t know what to eat for Brekkie. (Australian slang for breakfast!)  I am only saying, don’t worry, be happy, get a couple of your own chooks for the back yard.  You can even recycle the chook poo on your garden!  All this egg business will inspire me to do a post on antique jewellery with chicken/hen/egg themes.  Stay tuned……………



  1. I think you could have some “girls” in your back yard. What happens to them when the snow is deep? How will Germany manage if pigs are involved? What about all that lovely German sausage?

  2. I also think it is time for some girls in the back yard. When the snow is deep, they live in their pen. Germans could cut down the Bratwürste intake and eat healthy, low fat, high protein Kangaroo meat instead! I think all that lovely sausage is still being devoured. It hasn’t stopped me yet.

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