Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 3, 2011

‘Super Mamika’ Friederike Goldberger.

There are many stories out there but this one has made me happy and I want to tell you about it in case you haven’t heard it……

The world has a new Super Hero, well, super heroine , super hero, super schmero!  I just love it.  The new Super Hero is SUPER MAMIKA.  A young man by the name of Sacha Goldberger wanted to make his elderly Grandmother happy.  He took photos of her and made her into a super hero! She is 91 and her grandson has taken some interesting shots of his Grandmother.

He has done this to make his Grandmother, Friederike Goldberger happy.  If you google Super Mamika you will see his photos and read of her incredible story.  At her age, she is now happy.  And if I was that old, I would be happy to look that good, I would be happy to have that sense of humour after lived through extremely difficult times. Friederike is a Holocaust Survivor.

The story is a happy and uplifting one , sorry I don’t have photos but her Grandson is Sacha Golberger and he is a French photographer.  His website is:




  1. I had a look – how amazing. I’ll bet they had fun doing that.

    • Isn’t it great? I love the fact that he just wanted to make her happy as she is a very delicate age. Good on her I say. By the way , shouldn’t you be asleep?

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