Posted by: Moira Drexler | January 1, 2011

Lucky Pigs for New Year – Glückliche Schweine für Silvester.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  In Germany, giving out pigs is considered very lucky for the forthcoming new year.  It is very common for someone to give you a little pig out of marzipan.  Cute and alright if you like to eat marzipan.  But these little pigs are the nicest I have ever received with the coin in their mouths.

The three little Silvester pigs.

and New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be the same without bubbly.

This magnum didn't last long at midnight.

I wish everybody a HAPPY, HEALTHY and SAFE New Year in 2011.  Signing off from:

The last lucky pig.

…..the last luck pig.  Sending you all lots of lucky pigs, heaps of Chimney Sweeps all the luck for 2011.



  1. They are very cute pigs. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year. Loved your doors by the way!

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