Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 29, 2010

Marloffstein Fotos – Marloffstein Photos.

Winter 2010 is a hard one.  Tonight in some parts of Germany, the temperature will reach minus 23 degrees.  I guess some of you think so what, but for an Aussie girl who is still used to Christmas in Summer, minus temperatures come as a shock.  Here are some more Winter photos of Marloffstein.

The road at the top of Marloffstein.

This is what we face, driving home.  The top of the hill and sometimes, it is very icy.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to abandon the car, along with other motorists, and climb up the Marloffstein Hill with the Children in the dark and in a blizzard.  When we got home, we looked as though we had just completed an Arctic expedition.  I am NOT joking.

Streets of Marloffstein snowed in.

And I am not joking when I say, take a spade where you THINK you left the car parked.  It may not be recognizable any more.

Gardens look so different under snow.

I hope the street gets graded soon and salted.  Driving on an icy road is treacherous.

Our street.

The snow is so heavy on the plants and hedges.  Some of the trees are down.

The fence line.

This is the road to Uttenreuth.

The turn off to Uttenreuth

And lastly, like I said, your garden looks different under snow.  I saw this pretty bush and it looks like a sculpture.

Somebody's front garden.and Auf Wiedersehen from Marloffstein.



  1. It looks very beautiful, but I’m sure that wears thin when you have to do your regular tasks. Those roads look treacherous. I don’t suppose you can just stay home by the fire?

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