Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 28, 2010

Snowfall Marloffstein, near Erlangen Christmas 2010- Schneefall Marloffstein bei Erlangen Weihnachten 2010.

Christmas was purely white.  The snow hasn’t stopped falling and we are relatively snowed in.  Just beautiful for Christmas.  It doesn’t happen often here, the snow usually comes a bit later.

No kite flying today.

At minus 9 degrees, the air is crisp and fresh and it really is lovely to get out and have a walk.  What I find fascinating about being in so much snow is that I see things that are normally camouflaged.  I hare jumped across my way in the forest.  And look at this birds nest.

Abandoned but now noticable.

Here is the communal well of Marloffstein.  It looks cold and lonely today.

The well in Marloffstein covered in snow.

Marloffstein cemetary.

Here are some photos of the Catholic Church in Marloffstein.  All decorated for Christmas.

Christmas Tree

The nativity.



  1. It looks so beautiful – and so cold!

  2. It is minus 10 degrees but the sun is shining. We will check the Tongrube today for ice skating conditions. Finally everyone is well again.

  3. Hi Moira,

    I was checking to see the current snowfall in Erlangen and came across your blog. My wife and I are an American-Colombian (Wife being from Colombia) couple living in Erlangen for 3 years. We are driving up this Sunday from visiting family in Italy and were trying to gauge how much snow is on the ground! We have noticed your shop @ ML platz……we’ll stop in when we return. Beautiful pictures of Marloffstein and the top of the Berg.

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. There is a lot of snow but all the main roads are cleaned and salted. Just be careful if you hear about black ice. Look forward to meeting you both one day at Australiss. Drive carefully, I wish you both a Happy New Year.

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