Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 23, 2010

Vegemite deutschland – Vegemite in Germany.

Since I opened Australiss, many people came in and asked me about Vegemite.  I didn’t want to sell vegemite because I didn’t think many people here would like it.  I was wrong.  I have been asked so often, that I sell Vegemite.  There are a lot of people who have travelled to Austalia who fall in love with this famous salty spread.  My feeling is you either love it or hate it.  Look for this label.

One jar is 3.80 euro at Australiss My apologies to Aussies reading this thinking big deal.  I am proud to say that people here love it.  It is healthy and I have been explaining to the Erlangen people that they can take a small teaspoon of it and put it into boiling water to make a soup.  Is is healthy especially at this time of year.  You don’t want to get crook.  Translation for German people reading this, ‘You wouldn’t want to become ill’.

It is full of vitamins and minerals and it is likened to Hefe Extrakt. It is  extremely rich in Vitamin C.  Here are some tips for a maiden voyage with vegemite.  Make some toast and butter it.  Then LIGHTLY spread some vegemite on the toast and voila!  If you put too much on, you will probably never eat it again.  Try it a few times and then you might find that you like it.  You can also put it on crackerbread.  Vegemite tastes nice on a cheese sandwich.

One jar of vegemite is 3.80 euro and I am willing to pack and send anywhere.  We do accept credit cards so if you would like to make an order, please send me an e-mail order to Australiss.



  1. I’m a happy little Vegemite, as bright as bright can be. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea.

  2. I nearly put the lyrics of the Vegemite song down but if anyone wants to hear it, there is an original version of it on You Tube.

  3. G’day Moira,

    I just found you during the search for vegemite in the Nürnberg Erlangen region.
    I work in Erlangen and was wondering if you have vegemite in your range at the moment? Oh and maybe Milo?

    Thanks a million ….

    • Hi Sabrina,

      Yes, I have vegemite in stock. I am the only one who stocks this in Erlangen. As for Milo, you can purchase this not far from my shop Australiss. The asia shop Ghandi sells it. Just go and see Manu the owner, she is lovely. Hope to meet you one day at Australiss.

      • Hi again,

        I work in Erlangen and live with my husband in Nürnberg. So I travel every day and wanted to ckeck out your shop after work. I was wondering what your opening hours are? I work till 5pm every day.

        maybe I manage to extend my lunch hour and come over.

        thanks Sabrina

  4. hi there… would love to order some vegemite could you please let me know your email address so we can organise it? 😀 thanks

  5. Hello, I was wondering if it’s still possible to order Vegemite from your shop?!
    From a vegemite-needing Aussie couple living in Dortmund!

    • Can do. Call me on 09131 9740 469 during shop hours.

      • Thank you, Moira! I shall remember to call in the future.. for now, we’re expecting a jar to arrive all the way from Australia, in the next few days! My mum sent one over for an awful price! You will definitely be our go-to, when that jar runs out!

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