Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 22, 2010

Allmus bei Hofbieber im Herbst 2010 – Allmus near Hofbieber in Autumn 2010

Allmus is a small village near Hofbieber.  The next biggest town in the Baroque city of Fulda.  Allmus is a predominantly agricultural little town with many beautfiful FACHWERK houses (half timbered).

The town's well.

Geese in preparation for Christmas

Autmn colours

Autumn colours:

Views of the land:

Hot air balloon in the distance

More Autumn colours:

This little church is 800 years old.

Made of stone and 800 years old

In someone’s garden:

Where is north?

More Autumn colours:

I was so happy to see these cows outside.  Normally, you only see cows being fattened up in a stable in Germany.

And finally, Goodbye from Allmus!



  1. What a grogeous little place. You have to feel sorry for the poor geese. Our goose in Bagni di Lucca has a lovely life – floating around with the wild ducks.

  2. This is a lovely place and this is where Bernhard grew up on the farm. I love this area of Germany. Fulda being a Baroque city is just beautiful. Allmus is quaint and catching those last rays of Autumn light was fun.

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