Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 19, 2010

Winter snow Germany. Winter Schnee in Deutschland.

It doesn’t stop snowing and I am sure we will really get a white Christmas here finally.  It is the magic that everyone dreams of.  Here are some shots:

Erlangen under snow:

Snow, snow and more snow

and here is my quince tree.  The fruit that we don’t use then gets picked and taken to Adlitz to the Distillery to made into quince schnapps.  Very, very nice.

While my quince tree is under snow, the fruit is fermenting at the distillery.

In Adlitz near Marloffstein, there is a distillery run by Mr R Regenfuß.  You can take your fruit there and he will make schnapps for you.  We drink our schnaps with friends and we also make our own labels for the bottles and give it away as gifts.  Schnapps is very nice at this time of the year when it is so cold and snowy.




  1. Beautiful photos!!! Bagni di Lucca and Lucca are coverd with snow. Look at Shona’s Blog for some pics. It is called Michael snd Shona’s Blog. I wish I was there, or Erlangen with you.

  2. Thank you!

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