Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 10, 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland, snowfall in Germany.

I don’t want to bore anyone with photos but today made history in Erlangen because for 30 years, has there never been such a huge snowfall overnight in the city.  When I got up , I looked out the window and did a double take.

Sunrise from Marloffstein, a gorgeous view.

The sun came up, the phone and texts started happening because hardly anything was moving out there in all that dump.  Schools closed, people had lost their lives in terrible accidents because of the treacherous conditions, cars sliding into one another, so many stories and stress too………then the sun was up.

The apple tree

Our garden looks so pretty.  Everything glistening , silence, a real winter wonderland.

So pretty in the sunshine.

30cm snow dump in Marloffstein

A bit of Monty Python happening here in the garden, yes, that bird HAS been nailed there!

And lastly, our old apple tree upside down as a sculpture?

So much snow

I just love seeing these:

Cold but sunny.

It certainly was pretty today.  The children were happy to stay home, play outside, throw snowballs, and just do fun kiddie stuff.  Tomorrow we will go sledging!  Enjoy the winter wonderland!



  1. How incredibly beautiful! I love your photos. It is a pity about the havoc the snow causes. Just stay at home and enjoy it. Be safe!

  2. Thank you. It really was a special morning , the sun shining on the fresh snow glistening like millions of diamonds but the havoc was incredible. Everyone had to cancel appointments, people got anxious with the conditions, it was a nightmare on one hand, but a forced slow down and enjoy the nature experience on the other.

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