Posted by: Moira Drexler | December 8, 2010

Erlangen Radkappen überall – Erlangen hubcaps everywhere.

A very quick update on the hubcaps………The rains have come and it is raining all around.  The snow is therefore melting and you just cannot believe the clean up I have had today.

Littering our streets unfortunately

This is an example of what I have mentioned before:  the kindness shown to hubcaps!  Someone did the right thing so that maybe the owner would find it! Nicely positioned against a post….

Cleaning up the environment of this plastic junk is going to a wonderful cause next year........

Now if any of you are still reading thinking I still have that tick then here are some new statistics.

Today, I received another donation (THANKS KAREN) and this one becomes a statistic because, hey, this is the first metal one we have for the fundraiser.

First ever a metal one!

Now finally, thank you also to the family from Bubenreuth who have pledged three hubcaps!  Reason?  They lost one so they are kindly donating the leftover three.

More madness?  I am happy to report a wheel service business from Lauf will kindly donate old hubcaps for the fundraiser.

Stay tuned as when I get time, I am going to count up how many I already have…


Tips for anyone willing to help out:  Have a plastic bag always in the car and a glove.  DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER TO GET ONE!!  I just couldn’t believe how many I actually say today along the autobahn.



  1. Silly me, I had no idea they were plastic. I hope you get lots more.

  2. Plastic they are! Although I need them for my project, I cannot understand why the makers of the hubcaps don’t make them to STAY ON! They litter the streets here everywhere!

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